Small Business Stories: Khaos Apparel

We’re closing out our celebration of Small Business Month with Khaos Apparel!

Khaos Apparel, located at the Chisholm Trail Center at 601 SE 37th St., Ste. 121, offers all kinds of unique clothing items from custom screen printing to boutique clothing. Justin Friesen, owner of Khaos Apparel, shares the story behind his business in our last Small Business Story of the month.

Why did you decide to start your business? 

“I have always been a dreamer. I played sports all of my life and through college. Screen printing for local teams is one way to stay connected to the sports world I love. I get to be creative, not with just tee designs, but also with my business model.”

What makes your business unique? 

“We really do it all, from custom screen printing and embroidery, designing trendy graphic tees, boutique clothing, local apparel and even gift items.”

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their own business?

“Be flexible, tenacious and a problem solver. Anything can be overcome and everything is fixable! Take care of your team. Invest in them and coach them. When you take care of them and work with a mutual respect for each other you create a positive work environment where everyone functions at the top of their game. Put people doing what they are good at and let them take ownership of that role. Take each criticism, analyze it and learn from it. Work with your team to come up with solutions. Above all, have a positive attitude. It starts at the top.”

Thank you for sharing your story! To learn more about this business, you can check out their website at, or give them a call at (316) 804-4900.

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