Show Your Love for Local this Valentine’s Season

This Valentine’s season, we are running a “Show Your Love for Local” campaign through our Central Business District Promotions Committee. The main point: Support Local!

Almost all of us want to do something special for our loved ones, whether it’s purchasing them a gift, taking them to dinner, or even going out for a new experience. No matter what you are looking for, the Newton Area has something available! 

So, we encourage you to not only show love to your loved ones, but show your love for local businesses! Even if you have a need that isn’t related to Valentine’s day (need an oil change? Insurance? Looking to sell your home this spring and need a realtor?) there are local businesses here who would serve your needs well. 

Not only do you help our businesses, but you help your community. Plus, you win, too, because you get what you need!

What’s not to love about that?

To our local businesses: you are welcome to download and use the “Show Your Love for Local” poster and social media images we have available on our website! Click here

Are you a Chamber member who would like to feature a story in our website’s Chamber news? Send your story, along with a featured image, to Rachael Gibbons at!