Ribbon Cuttings & Ground Breakings

We love to host Ribbon Cuttings for any businesses who just opened, remodeled, expanded, or simply has something new and special they would like to celebrate! In the same way, we are glad to host Ground Breakings at sites where new development is about to begin.

Any business, Chamber member or not, is welcome to schedule a ribbon cutting or ground breaking with us! It is a great way to celebrate new achievements with the community, and we even invite elected officials and members of the Chamber board to speak during the program.

If you would like to schedule a ribbon cutting or ground breaking with us, you can fill out the form below and return it to Terri Anderson at terri@newtonchamberks.org!

When you schedule a ribbon cutting or ground breaking, we will help by marketing the event to Chamber members and the community, and supplying ribbon and scissors (or shovels), and a wireless PA system. Other event details, including program order and what to expect, are explained on the ribbon cutting/ground breaking form. Feel free to give us a call at (316) 283-2560 if you have any questions!