Legislative Updates & Political Forums

One way that we work to achieve our vision to create a relevant and proactive business community is to keep our members, and town, informed on the latest political issues. We believe it is very important for our community to be aware of decisions being made at the State Capitol, and even when our local elections roll around we want to help connect our candidates with our community so that voters make informed decisions at the ballots.

Each year, we typically host 2 regular public Legislative Update forums in the springtime. At these forums, we hear from our district Representatives and Senator about important bills going through state legislature, and different things they are working to accomplish in their committees. These legislative updates take place during legislative session.

The Spring 2023 Legislative updates are scheduled to take place on February 25th and April 22nd at the McKinley Administrative Center in Newton, KS from 9:00 am – 10:30 am. To enter the board room where the event is hosted, please enter the West door from the building’s parking lot. To learn more, visit our event calendar. 

Usually in September or October, we host public Candidate Forums to introduce candidates running in the upcoming election to our community. We believe it is important for voters to know who the candidates are and what they stand for so that they can make informed decisions when voting. In 2021, the Candidate forums were held in the beginning of October for the election held on November 2nd.