When you join your local Chamber, you join a large network of business owners, employers, individuals, and local leaders who work together to create a better future for our community. Not only do you help contribute to the Chamber’s impact in the community, but you also receive:

  • Business Referrals
  • Political Information
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Unique Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities
  • Important Information through Chamber Communications
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Special Recognition
  • And Exclusive Event Participation

The only thing you give to receive these benefits is an annual membership investment, and your time to participate and engage in the programs we have to offer.

So the real questions is: Why not join the Chamber?

Studies show that businesses who invest in their Chamber see a

  • 44% increase in consumer favorability
  • 51% increase in consumer awareness
  • 57% increase in their local reputation
  • 63% increase in the likelihood of future patronage from consumers

This information comes from a study by The Schapiro Group called “The Real Value of joining a Local Chamber of Commerce.”

Membership Investment Rates

We know that many have questions about the investment rates at our Chamber. Below is our membership investment breakdown. Total investment amounts can be paid annually, bi-annually, or quarterly depending on what option best suits your business.

View our current Membership Investment Rates

For other questions regarding Chamber membership, please contact our Director of Membership Investments, Terri Anderson, at, or call (316) 283-2560.